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This is an open, welcoming, friendly community. We welcome icons of any kind, pairing, color, etc. That means we have icons pertaining to all kinds of subjects including slash (at times). Please be aware that if you can't simply skip over icons that aren't tasteful to you, this isn't the right community for your needs.

1. Be friendly!

2. Every post should be friends only. If you post them public, they are easier for people to take without crediting you.

3. More than 3 icons AND/OR icons with lots of crude language/cursing/nudity should be put behind a LJ Cut.

4. Requests for people to make you icons are more than welcome. Please try to be as specific as possible when requesting!

5. If you take an icon, please remember to credit who made the icon, and commenting is always nice as well. If you are found stealing icons, you will be banned from this community immediately. And NEVER take icons for any other site without asking permission to post them!!!!

If anyone steals an icon, don't post about it, tell ME directly. Let's prevent the drama as much as possible.

6. Off topic posting is not allowed. As long as it pertains to BOTH Newsies AND making icons, or finding pictures to make icons, etc. then it's all good. There are other communities to post fan fiction in, and discuss the movie. Please do not promote anything that doesn't specifically deal with Newsies icons.

EXAMPLE: Posting about where you saw an actor from Newsies AND adding some icons, acceptable. Posting about the new community you just created without icons, not good!

7. Have fun!

1. Go to
2. Upload the picture
3. In the keywords make sure to write the name of the user (ex. by cardboardprops)
4. Scroll to the last icon and click save settings

Comment on this entry with CARRYING THE BANNER and then join the community. This entry will be checked for your livejournal ID and then you will be accepted.
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