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newsies iconage.  my internet was down for a  while, so i used the time.  pretty sure it's all pg this time.  XD regardless, warnings: tame slash and hinting at slash (oooh, a REALLY ridiculous pairing!  *giggles*)... the lyrics on one of them suggest something you don't want mentioned at work, i guess, but i don't think it's bad enough for you to worry.  personally.
ok, you know the deal--please credit if you're blind enough to deem any of them good enough to use somewhere or whatever.  thanks.  enjoy.

1.  2.  3.
4.  5.  6. 
7.  8.  9. 
10.  11.  12.  
and my favorite:

i apologize for the animated ones having messed up timing.  that's not my fault...  sort of?

ok, here's what we got for text:
1. "crash into me real hard" lyrics from gwen stefani's "crash"
2. "never fall in line" lyrics from sum41's "fat lip" ......i think.
3. "NEWSIES: because i like my turn-of-the-century boys with 90s haircuts" (from my mind)
4. "lose yourself"
5. and 6. both "let's talk about spaceships or anything except you and me ok?" lyrics from say hi to your mom's "let's talk about spaceships" (i love these two--i thought that phrase was perfect for any couple involving spot, and ESPECIALLY the one involving spot and jack)
7. "Brooklyn Boys" (8. as well, actually)
9. no text.
10. "it's not like it hurts that much anyway" lyrics from the academy is's (hehe, that sounds funny) "attention" <<very good song!
11. "trapped" (obviously)
12. "we're left to wonder why he left us all behind" lyrics from AFI's "miss murder"
13. "i sold my soul for a one-night stand" lyrics from aerosmith's "sunshine"  i effing LOVE this icon, because it's so heinously ridiculous if you really think about it.  i mean, it's to jack-as-scab, so technically that means he sold his soul for a one-night stand... with PULITZER?!?!  so it's hilarious.

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